RubyClerks - all the help you need to run your shop

A simple but comprehensive approach to managing a small business

Small business solution

RubyClerks is a system to manage a small business. After using other systems for a long time, RubyClerks was written by a small business owner to provide exactly what a small business needs, in an understandable concise form.

It is intended for people starting out or running a small business where there is never enough people and things have to be done efficiently.

RubyClerks provides the tools needed for this. It allows you to manage products, ie buy, sell and keep track of them. More precisely there is a backend to create product and with them orders (selling) but also purchase orders for buying.

RubyClerks is itself small, but extensible, and open. We have a (small) list of extensions, like reporting and POS, and are happy to accept more.

The basic core modules are listed below.

Simple but Comprehensive

Simple is a much misunderstood concept often mistaken for simplistic. Simple means lack of complication, unnecessary clutter. RubyClerks sticks to what a small business needs and lets others or modules extend this.

Comprehensive means dealing with everything necessary, and this off course only sensible within a scope. Our scope is the small business. Small is a few thousand products and max tens of thousand of orders a year.

We understand comprehensive to mean that RubyClerks is the only server tool needed to run the business. The system allows both online and offline selling and facilitates simple stock control.

For a more complete list of what RubyClerks is and is not look here

Office clerk

The office clerk, the core of the system, provides the back-office functionality. It allows you to manage your products (prices,ean..), and organize them in groups. Simple ProductLine functionality is included. It allows you to sell these products by creating orders that can be shipped to customers.

The system assumes you have only one storage and the way you add stock is by receiving your own pruchase orders. Thus you can can create purchase orders from suppliers and receive them.

If your products have barcodes, either ean13 or your own, you can use admin side as a POS (point of sales). So you or your sales person uses a bar scanner and you can print a receipt. The "normal" checkout happens with just one click (printing), a minimal transaction is one scan one click.

Sales Clerk

This is the basis for your web-shop. Basic functionality around products, cart and login is included. But not payment or advanced shipping. Also this is meant to be used in one (european) country, in one language.

In technical terms, the office clerk is a gem, a rails engine actually, but the sales clerk a repository. You (a developer) are meant to clone the sales clerk and change the appearance and workings to how you want your store to look and feel. The office clerk is something that should stay as is and hopefully benefit from improvements that you and others make.

Accounting clerk and more

The Accounting clerk, provides basic reporting to aid a shop owner in purchasing. Graphs of sales are shown and can be used to explore the sales and gain insight about customers.

Graphs let you "drill" down, so you can explore by Time, Category,Supplier or any combination. While for example retricting to a certain Supplier, cou can choose to view sales by Catgory, or even by Product.

Hopefully many more modules will provide extra functionality in the future. Currently we have:

  • Printing of invoices and receipts
  • Barcode reneration
  • Weight based shipment methods
  • Stripe based payment