The Plunge

Written by Torsten on 25 Dec 2013.

I have never actually had a paying day job to use rails. I used to do this stuff in java and then went and did other things.

Really other things, like running a shop with my wife. And starting a bed and breakfast, learning to do timberframe houses. Buying a digger and building a new house.

So i picked up rails for the fun, to learn how much better you can do things. And tried things out. We were still having static web-pages at the time, must have been around 06.

Then we got into running the store with proper inventory and things, using LightSpeed. Great though that was I was having trouble not being able to hack it.

So I tried to put the newly read rails skills to the test and started with spree. And it has been a long road.

Recently i saw tryShoppe and after having read spree and other rails code for years I thought, seems doable.

Let’s see