Sooo Easy

Written by Torsten on 20 Jan 2014.

Why didn’t anyone tell me. If only i’d known! I would have done this years ago.

It’s a real shock. How can web development be so easy! I’m sure the work i did last month would have taken a team of 3 half a year not soo long ago. By jolly.

Off course it’s rails that does it. And the literally thousand of people spending what i hear are millions of hours to make the magic work. And it’s got to be magic, when you can have

  • Controller methods without code that still do lots of work
  • Use attributes on a model and they just pop out from the database without having to write any code
  • You ca generate code that not only saves all the typing but shows how it’s done!
  • Pictures become attributes! Gosh, i could tell stories about the first uploads we ever did.
  • Searching and pagination become a minimal amount of lines. Even for pagination formatting to your chosen css framework is just another gem line.

To the faceless millions, creating the vibrant community

Really it is so much more than rails itself. It it the whole community around it.

The first thing i do when i have a problem, (file upload/sorting/form writing/graphs/css/etc..) i go and look what gems are available. It’s just the biggest cookie store there is out there. Somebody will have had the problem, and made a gem available. I can fork and edit if i want to tweek beyond the authors imagination and even easily give the work back. Git, Github, bundler are just ceating these great social practises.

Off course if i don’t find the solution, this encourages me to create one and put it out there. As a thanks and my participation. I’m not sure even Richard Stallman had the imagination to envision all this. It is a true achievement of our times, one of the very very few positive feedback loops we have, and (in my more positive moments) gives a glimmer of hope for mankind.