In Production

Written by Torsten on 05 Dec 2014.

Yes, it’s done. We’re ready to receive Orders


The whole team has worked hard to get this done, so now we have 2 installations online.

Just a reminder, the first has been used as a backend for 10 months already. I’m still careful with the versioning, though i think that a 1.0 would be deserved.

Shop done

One of the major steps was the actual store, we called it sales_clerk. A lot of design work there and technically the checkout. Definately a time to see the basket design choice pay off.

The second site is not actually a shop, but a reseller presence. Still a buisness needs to sell and so all the order fullfilment (with product management etc) is handled by the “invisible” backend, office_clerk.

Some details

To name but a few of the new features:

  • product and categories now contain summaries for toal control in list views.
  • one page checkout is done. Payment is (optionally) collected after.
  • start to see some nice js use in fade effects and the like (mostly shop)
  • better search/view for what is online and only showing products with stock online.
  • completely extenalized independent xx_cerks, for printing/accounting cane be plugged. Also gives extension developers a start on how to
  • off course lots and lots of “little” things, one of which just comes to mind: ssl config option
  • confirmation and other mails with admin buttons to resend

I did go over the spree migration again for the second shop, but the payment is still open (we use bank transfer)

All in all, we’re all very happy and just in time to get on with x-mas.

Up next: stripe payment and (gitbook) documentation.