The Story


Torsten Ruger and Raisa Kaipainen, small buisness owners for 15 years, started this at the end of 2013 with these goals:

Simplicity: This came mainly after seeing tryshoppe and how small it is compared to spree or ror-e, while still providing all functionality needed for our shop. Seeing that Adam managed to create tryshoppe in 3 months gives credit to how much rails has evolved especially in terms of engines. Also it showed it could be done.
Learning: Having been encouraged i thus embarked to learn more about rails4 and thus creating an ecommerce platform that is made for the small shop.
Stability: Having used other tools that were always not quite right for us, we wanted something that is small enough to change ourselves, stable and functional. Once it's good, we don't see the need for constant change, and when changed, it should be easy on existing users (ie us).

The Team

Torsten Ruger

Project Manager

Has been coding and writing from the start

Raisa Kaipainen

Art Director

Raisa sees how it should look like before Markus makes it so.

Markus Janhunen

Graphic designer

Markus manages to make it look the way it should (ie Raisa says).

Hanna / Minna / Pirita / Anne

Sales and Accounting

Click until it breaks and tell us how to improve it. Special thanks to Hanna for the fun pictures.


This would not neither have been possible, nor happened without


Often I hear thanks for providing us with day jobs. I don't have one of those :-(
Rather i took joy in seeing the pain removed. I used to do this stuff in Java before (1997-2002) and it's just so much more fun with rails. Also I think the actual web-stuff of rails is it's smallest achievement, rather the decent arm and schema management ranks tops and since bundler the whole management side too.
Thanks to the thousand of people who helped to make ruby a usable environment, and without completeness the authors and contributors of rails, bundler, rspec , paperclip, prawn rspec etc..

ror-e et al

David Henner has been a great help, both with encouragement and code. ror-e started as a spree clone, back in the time when I cut myself on the cutting edge, and Dave's code was and is a joy to read.

Also I like to thank Sean and Brian of spree. It was after all what I used for the last years and they both have been friendly.

Also I would like to thank Adam from tryshoppe for providing a great example of a simple web-shop. I got a lot of encouragement from that

UI guys

I've made web pages for 20 years and it has never been so beautiful. It's not that writing html has ever been difficult. But making it look good was.
Now it looks good,even when I do it !
There is a whole generation of people who have made the web look as good as it does now, thanks.

I used bootstrap and jquery sometimes flot but there are so many and i am grateful for anyone in the area making it look better than I ever could.