Categories are a way to group and organie products. The basic web-shop shows products by Category.

A Product may be in exactly one Category.

Each Category may be in exactly one Category, we call that category it’s parent.


The list view shows the same kind of basic layout again and we see from the search fields what the data is. The name, summary and description are very much like the Product. Also the online property is the same, and off course all of these may be edited in the edit screen.

Again the count is the number of products in this category, and also the detailed view of the category lists the products.

Below the search we see a tree view of all categories. Notice how the gree marks the category to be online and both online and non-online categories may be included in online categories. In the same way a category may include products that are online or not. Obviously only the online ones (both products or categories) will be shown in the online shop.

Also the category may contain both products and sub-categories. How or if you use this is up to you, we usually have either categories or products, or if both then only non-online ones of one.

When, while editing a category, one changes it’s online status, products of that category are also made online. This is meant to help bring larger numbers of products online quickly and save work. But one must be aware not to inadvertantly make products online that way.

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